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Professor in International Business

The Faculty of Business Management and Law at HAN University of Applied Sciences is looking for a:

Professor in International Business     0.8 fte

HAN University of Applied Sciences is one of the top-rated universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands and offers degrees in the fields of economics and management, health, social studies, education, information technology and communication and engineering. In addition to education, HAN is also committed to practice-based research. As such, HAN is able to act as a local knowledge gateway in the region. Over the past decade, HAN has developed into a true university of applied sciences. One of its main aims is to conduct practice-based research that both serves and is interwoven with education and the professional field. In its institutional plan for 2016-2020, HAN prioritises research in three different key areas, one of which is Smart Region. This key research area focuses on creating an innovative and entrepreneurial region that offers both good work opportunities as well as good living, learning and recreational facilities.

The Professor of International Business (IB) will contribute to HAN’s Smart Region key research area by shaping the development of 21st century skills and thereby supporting policies to attract businesses to this region.

The Research Group for International Business is part of the Institute of International Business and Communication. It contributes to the development of the professional practice and the institute’s study programmes, in particular the practice-based research and education in the international degree courses at Arnhem Business School (ABS). The research conducted by the group focuses on managing social factors and processes in international business. The thought behind this focus is that social factors and processes in the international business domain play a decisive role in the globalisation of companies in our region.

What do we expect from you?
You fulfil the various responsibilities of a professor: knowledge development, knowledge circulation to and from the professional practice, the professional development of lecturers and the translation of knowledge development to the curriculum. One day a week you also contribute to our education with activities such as holding lectures, developing real-life case studies and supervising graduation assignments.

As a professor, you are responsible for developing the central focus for the research group and managing the research team. You are also responsible for the research group’s knowledge sharing and communication both within and outside HAN regarding the programme and corresponding projects. You conduct practice-based research and connect with the work field and HAN departments on behalf of both Bachelors and Masters degree courses. You make an important contribution to expanding our network with the relevant professional practice and knowledge institutions in the region.

In addition, you supervise, the lecturer-researchers of your team, as well as students and professionals in their research(projects) and you contribute to the circulation of knowledge in education and professional practice. You also acquire research projects and subsidies and create connections that offer opportunities for practice-based research. You contribute your methodological expertise in research in the field of international business to the Research Group for International Business and ABS and thereby strengthen the overall expertise of the Research Centre for Business Development & Co-Creation in the economic domain in close cooperation with fellow professors.

For further information: a detailed description of  the International Business Chair is available in Dutch, upon request at Mrs. Haanstra’s office.

What are your qualities?
Your qualities as a researcher and innovator
This vacancy is open to researchers with a PhD in a relevant field. You also have demonstrable expertise and experience in the field of international business. You can demonstrate this with published articles about international business in peer-reviewed and professional journals. You have a clear vision on international business and can translate this vision into research questions for the research group. You are good in dealing with the various stakeholders and creating links between education, the business community and knowledge institutes and you have experience in acquiring research projects. You also have extensive experience in the business sector and have an active, and preferably international, network. Furthermore, you have the capacities to lead a team of lecturers-researchers.

You have demonstrable experience in initiating, conducting and supervising multidisciplinary, externally financed research, in collaboration with various parties. You have the capacity to make an essential contribution to translating fundamental scientific research to the education programmes and the application in professional practice. You also have experience with the valorisation of knowledge and you can communicate that knowledge with the business community.

You have experience developing and teaching education programmes and also supervising students in research projects, preferably at both universities and universities of applied sciences. You are innovative and have a focus on solving concrete research questions and problems. You possess organisational, management and commercial capacities on a high level. Finally, you have an excellent command of English and sufficient command of the Dutch language.

Your qualities as a person and colleague
You are an inspiring professor for others working in the field of international business, for fellow professors, for staff and students in the relevant degree courses and for professionals in the work field. You are a connector, and have a natural ability to make and maintain contacts with course departments and the professional field and to coach and supervise researchers. You have your own strong message, good communication skills and a people- and development-oriented attitude. You are a team player and have a connecting personality and have the ability to adapt.

What do we offer?
An interesting position in a dynamic and informal organisation that is working towards a quality culture, where you will have every opportunity to grow in your profession. The appointment is for a fixed period of four years. You will be employed in the position of level 1 professor. Depending on your experience, the gross monthly salary for this position will be max. € 7,114,12 (cao-hbo scale 15) for a full-time appointment. You will also receive an 8% holiday allowance and an 8.3% end-of-year bonus. HAN also offers attractive pension and health insurance schemes, options for further education and mobility, and paid parental leave.

Would you like more information?
If you would like more information about this position, you can contact Mr A. Keunen, Institute Director, M 0031 6 5118 2175, or Mrs A. Haanstra, Programme Manager Research,  M 0031 6 1082 3759.

Are you interested?
If you fit the above profile and meet the necessary requirements, please apply online before 20 November 2018 by clicking on the link below this vacancy notice. You can address your cover letter to Mrs A. Haanstra. Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered.
For more information on the application process for this vacancy, please contact Ms. S. Willemsen, Resource Desk Officer, M 31 6 5524 0704.

The 1st round of interviews will be held on the 6th of December and a 2nd round on the 13th of December.

An assessment can be part of the procedure.

A condition for employment in this position is a ‘Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag’ (VOG, certificate of good conduct).

If you are currently employed by HAN and interested in applying for this position, please go to HAN Insite and click on ‘Vacancies’ to apply online.


Reference No:
FEM 18-420
Application deadline:
Susan Willemsen
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